De Fermo is located in the highest part of Loreto Aprutino, in the backcountry of the Italian region of Abruzzo, halfway between the adriatic sea and the most southern glacier of the continent. Since 1785, our family is the custodian of this natural heritage site. This last generation’s decision represents a quest to constantly deepen our expertise.
We try doing our best at working the soil, producing by hand while safeguarding the energy of the universe and the earth. Agronomic technique, country work, manual practices, spirituality, education, observation, listening, dialogue and silence: these are all elements that represents our research, form and substance of our work. This is how we manage to produce in average 60,000 bottles of wine solely with our grapes.

We also grow olive trees, legumes and cereals; with which we make our own extra virgin olive oil (monocultivar Dritta or Lauretana), chickpeas, grain, flour, pasta and other products of the land. While we work we have fun, we love, we suffer and we smile, but we always have one objective in mind: to enjoy the moment.