Here at Voltumna, we have always liked to drink excessively so that over time we have wondered what was more harmful to our health: the alcohol or all the chemicals used in the growing of vines and in the transformation of grapes in wine?

Shamelessly biased, we decided that the amount of alcohol that can hurt us is always that which is higher than what we enjoy absorbing it from time to time, from party to party, from dinner with friends to dinner with friends …

All we can do is to note that part of the evils of drinking as well as eating comes from the various pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers used in agriculture… It comes from the industrial processes of transformation, conservation, distribution of agricultural products… It comes from when, how and why we eat and drink.

The solution that suits us at Voltumna is to farm using the biodynamic method and vinify as naturally as possible.

We want to drink well, and that others too, drink well.

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