“We do what we say, we say what we do”

CoViBio is the consortium of Biodynamic winemakers. We all have the same desire to join forces to collaborate and follow the same process to produce wine as we believe that working in synergy will allow us all to improve our competences. Namely, CoViBio is a organisational solution that aims at optimising the costly, and often fragile, elements of a small producer’s business; these can range from logistics to commercial development and from accounting to administrative work. Centralised shipping and invoicing, a common warehouse and a single catalogue who support an integrated sales network are only a few of our strong points. Our consortium is therefore a shared service provider and not an intermediary. All of its members use their original prices to invoice through CoViBio; we propose a single catalogue, communicate with clients and deal with all all commercial and logistics aspects through the consortium.

We all promote the wines of the other members as we believe that working in synergy will be beneficial to all of us. Our aim is to join forces in order to provide a better service to a more diversified clientele, optimising our businesses without having to be part of an organised distribution channel. Together is better: organisation and optimisation for us, efficiency and diversification for you.

Wines without compromises

The idea of the Consortium stems from our common desire to produce unique wines that fully express the territory, the land and it’s biodiversity.

Our wines are the product of spontaneous fermentation processes, no selected yeasts are added and don’t require any modern winemaking interventions. The wines express the strength and equilibrium of our work in the vines, intended to enhance the uniqueness of the territory.

Not “extreme”, but pure and of great quality, character and a strong bond with the terroir of origin. The wines are the result of an environmentally friendly agriculture, that favours biodiversity, preserves the fertility of the territory and enhances the singularity of the people who devote themselves to it. Continuous comparisons and the exchange of ideas and experiences are essential for us, as we believe in the reciprocal development that an experience like CoViBio can bring to each of us.

As per regulation, we from CoViBio:

  • Follow the principles of modern biodynamic agriculture;
  • Harvest grapes by hand;
  • Let the grapes ferment spontaneously;
  • Don’t use: selected yeasts, enzymes, additives (stabilising, aromatic, clarifying) or sterile filtrations;
  • have set limits for sulphur dioxide to: 60mg/l for the reds, 80mg/l for whites and 100mg/l for sweet and fizzy wines.